[2023 Updated] Kentucky Window Tinting Laws

Window tinting is a protection for reducing glare and protecting your privacy. However, the darkest tint for each state is different. If you’re a Kentucky resident or frequently drive through the state, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with these updated laws to avoid legal issues. Let’s read about Kentucky’s 2023 window tinting laws by reading this article at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing LLC in Kentucky!

What Does Window Tinting Do? 

Window tinting is the application of a thin, translucent coating to a vehicle’s windows. It provides various critical functions, including:

Protection from the sun

Window tinting helps to protect both the occupants of the car and the interior surfaces from sun damage by blocking a considerable percentage of the sun’s harmful UV radiation. This can lower the danger of skin cancer, protect upholstery from fading, and keep the dashboard from cracking or warping.

Heat Removal

On hot summer days, tinted windows can considerably limit the heat that enters the vehicle, keeping the interior cooler. This improves comfort while reducing the need for excessive air conditioning, potentially saving fuel and lowering emissions.

Reducing Glare

Window tinting lowers glare from the sun, headlights, and other bright light sources. This improves visibility and decreases eye strain, making driving safer, particularly on bright and sunny days or at night.

Confidentiality and security

Tinted windows give seclusion by minimizing the outside visibility of the vehicle’s interior. This can help to deter theft and protect personal items left in the car.

How long does Window Tinting take?

The duration for window tinting installation is subject to several variables, such as the vehicle’s type, the number of windows receiving tint, and the installer’s expertise. A professional window tinting procedure can typically be completed within two to four hours, ensuring a precise and quality application.

The process typically involves the following steps:


The windows are thoroughly cleaned to ensure no dirt or debris could interfere with the tint’s adhesion.

Cutting and Shaping 

The tint film is carefully measured, cut, and shaped to fit each window precisely.


The tint film is applied to the interior of the windows using a unique adhesive. The installer ensures that the film is free of bubbles and imperfections.

Drying and Curing

The tint film needs time to dry and adhere properly to the glass. This curing process usually takes a few days, during which it’s important not to roll down the windows or clean them with harsh chemicals.

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Kentucky Window Tint Laws 2023

Kentucky’s window tinting laws have been revised for 2023 to promote road safety. The regulations define the allowable amounts of visual light transmission (VLT) for several vehicle types:

Front Side Windows 

At least 35% of visible light must travel through the VLT on the front side windows.

Rear Side Windows

The rear side windows behind the driver’s seat have no VLT limits and can be tinted as dark as desired.

Rear glass

The rear glass, commonly known as the back windshield, can have any tint blackness.

It is critical to follow these regulations to prevent any penalties or legal issues. Medical exemptions are offered for people with specific medical problems requiring extra sun protection.

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How Can Maintain Window Tinting In Pristine Condition?

Maintaining your window tinting in optimal condition is crucial for its appearance and functionality. Here are some tips to help you keep your tinting looking its best:

Use Mild Cleaning Products

Use mild, ammonia-free cleaning solutions and a soft, non-abrasive cloth when cleaning your tinted windows. Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials can damage the tint film.

Avoid Rolling Down Windows Too Soon

After tint installation, avoid rolling down your windows for at least a few days to allow the tint to adhere correctly.

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean your tinted windows to remove dirt and debris, which can cause scratches over time.

Be Gentle 

When cleaning or scraping ice and snow from your tinted windows in winter, be gentle to avoid damaging the film.

Consider Professional Installation

To ensure a high-quality installation that lasts, consider having your window tinting applied by a professional.

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Looking for Window Tinting in Shelbyvile, KY?

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