Paint Correction Service in Jeffersontown, KY

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing in Jeffersontown, KY, provides professional Paint Correction services. Our expert specialists expertly restore and enhance the paint on your vehicle, delivering a flawless and showroom-worthy appearance.

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a time-consuming technique that restores and improves the appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork. Scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and other flaws can reduce the clarity and sheen of the paint over time. Advanced processes such as machine polishing and compounding are used by skilled professionals at facilities such as Shelbyville Mobile Detailing to carefully remove these imperfections, revealing a pristine and glossy surface. As opposed to standard detailing methods, paint correction targets the fundamental source of flaws, resulting in long-lasting effects. The result is a revitalized and showroom-quality finish that not only improves looks but also retains the car’s value. Paint correction is a transforming service for automobile enthusiasts looking for perfection in the appearance of their vehicles.

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Paint Correction service at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s Paint Correction service will enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Our Jeffersontown, KY, professionals use cutting-edge procedures to remove defects like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation, restoring your paint to its original luster. Precision in resolving defects is ensured by meticulous machine polishing and compounding, resulting in a showroom-quality finish. Beyond appearances, Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s paint correction service protects your investment by keeping the vehicle’s value. Trust us for a transformative experience that goes above and beyond typical detailing, providing your prized car with a spotless, rejuvenated appearance that turns heads and lasts. Drive with assurance in a vehicle that genuinely shows your dedication to perfection.


Shelbyville Mobile Detailing offers 3 packages for Paint Correction that will fulfill all customers’ needs.


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XL SUV/Lifted and Dually trucks

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Paint Enhancement
We can do a paint enhancement to bring your vehicle’s gloss to a level of 8. This removes roughly 35-45% of defects.

Single Stage Paint Correction
We can do a standard single-step correction using a cutting compound that finishes out extremely well. This will raise the gloss of your car to a 9 and remove 50-60% of defects.

Two stage paint correction
We can do a traditional two-step cut and polish to bring your car’s Gloss to the highest level of 10 and remove 70-85% of defects.

Our Paint Correction Process

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s paint repair method entails expert machine polishing and compounding, which precisely removes defects to produce a flawless, showroom-quality finish. With our revolutionary precision, we can improve the appearance of your vehicle.


The paint correction process at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing begins with rigorous preparation. We meticulously clean and inspect the vehicle’s paint for faults. This meticulous method provides an excellent canvas for the subsequent machine polishing and compounding, ensuring precision in restoring and enhancing the paintwork to showroom-worthy condition. 6nfaezlc


Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s expert specialists use innovative techniques such as machine polishing and compounding during the paint repair treatment. This method removes defects softly, restoring the vehicle’s paint to a beautiful sheen. The result is a revitalized appearance that improves aesthetics while preserving the vehicle’s value.


Finishing Touches

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s paint correction finishing touches ensure excellence. Our professional specialists do a thorough inspection after rigorous machine polishing and compounding. Any residual flaws are corrected, resulting in a flawless, showroom-quality finish that displays our dedication to precision and raises your vehicle’s appearance to the highest level.


Paint correction at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing ensures a flawless, high-gloss finish by eliminating imperfections, enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetics, preserving its value, and providing long-lasting protection.
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Shelbyville Mobile Detailing guarantees a faultless finish. Our thorough paint correction procedure uses innovative techniques to erase defects, resulting in a high-gloss, showroom-quality finish. Trust us for precision that enhances the appearance of your vehicle while preserving its value, giving you a genuinely flawless finish that endures the test of time.
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing meticulously transforms the looks of your vehicle. Our paint correction procedure removes flaws and restores a beautiful, high-gloss surface. Enjoy heightened visual appeal that attracts attention and highlights your vehicle’s natural beauty, showing our commitment to perfection and boosting your driving experience.
With Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s paint correction, you may invest in higher resale value. Our rigorous method restores your vehicle’s paint to a pristine shine, keeping its overall appearance. This attention to detail increases the car’s value, ensuring a higher resale value when the time comes to sell your prized possession.


Kylie Duff
Kylie Duff
I had an interior cleaning today and the guys did a great job. They were super accommodating by coming to my home and were done in 2 hours! I will absolutely be a repeat customer.
Miranda Owens
Miranda Owens
I am so impressed with how well Keaton cleaned up my car! Being on the go with kids all the time, it was quite a mess but it looks brand new now. Thank you so much!
Mary J Jennings
Mary J Jennings
Keaton did an amazing job detailing my car! I highly recommend!!
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing did a fantastic job on my car. My car was spotless afterwards. Will definitely be using them again.
Lael Allen
Lael Allen
Keaton does a fantastic job! He’s definitely won over my return business. I’ve already referred quite a few folks to him.
Jamie Riddle
Jamie Riddle
Thank you for the amazing job you did on the car!!! Inside and out!
Francis Drake
Francis Drake
Keaton at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing did a stellar job of making my car look its best. I didn’t even realize how bright white my car could appear! The interior was spotless, even my floor mats and all the nooks in my hidden third row seats. I would definitely recommend SMD to anyone for their reasonable rates, thorough work and professionalism!
Keaton did an amazing job detailing my Jeep inside and out. Excellent communication via text both with scheduling and the day of the cleaning. It is super convenient to be able to have the work done at my home, but we also talked about the option to have the car brought to the shop if needed due to bad weather, so I knew we could get the job done as scheduled no matter what the conditions outside. Will definitely use them again!
James Bayes
James Bayes
Very good job on my truck
High quality with excellent attention to detail.

Why choose us?

Choose Shelbyville Mobile Detailing for unrivaled expertise in paint correction. Our meticulous process, skilled technicians, and commitment to excellence ensure a flawless finish that elevates your vehicle’s appearance and value.
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Shelbyville Mobile Detailing provides proficiency and accuracy. During paint correction, our professional specialists use innovative procedures with precision, guaranteeing that flaws are expertly fixed. Trust us for painstaking care that results in a faultless finish, demonstrating our commitment to quality and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle with unrivaled precision.
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing pioneers excellence through innovative techniques and materials in our paint correction service. Our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge methods and premium materials to address imperfections, ensuring a flawless finish that sets new standards in vehicle aesthetics. Experience the future of automotive detailing with our commitment to innovation.

At Shelbyville Mobile Detailing, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our skilled team ensures that you are pleased with the results of our premium detailing services. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations, providing you with a flawlessly restored vehicle and a positive experience that reflects our dedication to your satisfaction.


The period of paint correction varies depending on the state of the vehicle. Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s expert specialists can typically provide a faultless finish in several hours to a day.
While paint correction readily reduces most scratches, deep or severe ones may necessitate more treatment. Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s innovative techniques aim to improve the look of scratches for a perfect finish drastically.
The frequency of paint correction is determined by factors such as driving conditions and maintenance. It is generally advised that it be done every 1-2 years to preserve a pristine surface. Shelbyville Mobile Detailing provides skilled advice suited to your vehicle’s specific needs.
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