EV Detailing Service in Jeffersontown, KY

Electric vehicle owners in Jeffersontown, KY, you can now experience the exceptional care your electric cars deserve at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing! Our experts keep your EV spotless and performing optimally with eco-friendly solutions.

What is EV Detailing?

EV detailing (electric vehicle detailing) is a specialized service that caters to the unique needs of electric vehicles. It goes beyond the traditional car detailing process to include cleaning and maintaining sensitive components specific to EVs, such as the battery, charging port, and electric motors.

EV Detailing by Shelbyville Mobile Detailing

At Shelbyville Mobile Detailing, we know the unique needs of EVs. Our EV detailing service takes the specialized care and attention your electric car deserves. It goes beyond a traditional car wash to enhance its appearance, protect its unique components, and maximize its value.

– Thorough wash exterior and interior.
– Paint correction (if required)
– Ceramic coating (if required)
– Headlight restoration.
– Interior rejuvenation.

EV paint finishes can be more susceptible to certain types of damage, so detailing uses gentler methods and protective coatings to maintain their shine and longevity.

Our EV Detailing Process

While the specific steps may vary based on the detailing package, here is a general process of our auto detailing

Exterior Cleaning

– Rinse: Start by rinsing off any loose dirt and debris with a low-pressure sprayer.
– Wash: Wash the car with a microfiber mitt, use specialized EV-safe car wash soap.
– Wheels & Tires: Clean the wheels and tires with a separate wheel cleaner and brush. Dry the entire car thoroughly with clean, microfiber towels. 6nfaezlc

Interior Cleaning

– Vacuum: Vacuum the carpets, seats and floor mats, removing any crumbs or pet hair.
– Wipe Down Surfaces: Use an interior cleaner to clean the dashboard, door panels, center console, etc.
– Condition Leather: Apply a leather conditioner to prevent cracking.
– Clean Windows: Use a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the windows for a streak-free view.


Additional Touches

– Ceramic Coating (If required): Apply a ceramic coating for an extra layer of protection.
– Paint Correction (If required): Polish and buff the car’s paint to restore its original luster.
– Battery Compartment & Charging Port: Clean and maintain some crucial components to ensure optimal performance and prevent corrosion.


EV detailing offers a host of benefits beyond just making your car look sparkly! Here are some key advantages:
EV detailing focuses on protecting sensitive electrical components from dust, dirt, and debris. This meticulous cleaning and maintenance ensure optimal performance and longevity of the vehicle’s electric systems, contributing to the overall reliability of the EV.
Professional detailing will reveal the EV’s true beauty and leave it with a dazzling shine. A well-maintained EV with a pristine interior and exterior will attract higher offers when you decide to sell it.
EV detailing services often adopt eco-friendly practices. Our detailers use eco-friendly products and water-saving techniques, minimizing your environmental footprint. This will reduce the need for manufacturing new vehicles and the associated environmental costs.


Kylie Duff
Kylie Duff
I had an interior cleaning today and the guys did a great job. They were super accommodating by coming to my home and were done in 2 hours! I will absolutely be a repeat customer.
Miranda Owens
Miranda Owens
I am so impressed with how well Keaton cleaned up my car! Being on the go with kids all the time, it was quite a mess but it looks brand new now. Thank you so much!
Mary J Jennings
Mary J Jennings
Keaton did an amazing job detailing my car! I highly recommend!!
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing did a fantastic job on my car. My car was spotless afterwards. Will definitely be using them again.
Lael Allen
Lael Allen
Keaton does a fantastic job! He’s definitely won over my return business. I’ve already referred quite a few folks to him.
Jamie Riddle
Jamie Riddle
Thank you for the amazing job you did on the car!!! Inside and out!
Francis Drake
Francis Drake
Keaton at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing did a stellar job of making my car look its best. I didn’t even realize how bright white my car could appear! The interior was spotless, even my floor mats and all the nooks in my hidden third row seats. I would definitely recommend SMD to anyone for their reasonable rates, thorough work and professionalism!
Keaton did an amazing job detailing my Jeep inside and out. Excellent communication via text both with scheduling and the day of the cleaning. It is super convenient to be able to have the work done at my home, but we also talked about the option to have the car brought to the shop if needed due to bad weather, so I knew we could get the job done as scheduled no matter what the conditions outside. Will definitely use them again!
James Bayes
James Bayes
Very good job on my truck
High quality with excellent attention to detail.

Why choose us?

We are passionate about exceeding your expectations. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your EV detailing:
At Love’s Auto Detail, we are dedicated to providing specialized detailing services for electric vehicles. Our team is well-versed in the unique needs and components of EVs, ensuring meticulous care and attention to detail.
We ONLY use cutting-edge technology and premium products to safeguard and enhance your EV. We ensure the best possible results for your car.

Our team places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our friendly and professional team ensures that each project is completed with your happiness in mind, aiming for excellence in every detail.


EV detailing focuses on specific needs of electric vehicles, such as cleaning the battery compartment and using eco-friendly products. Regular car detailing will not address these specific needs.
Ideally, twice a year for a thorough cleaning and protection. Depending on your driving habits and environment, you might need more frequent interior cleaning or touch-ups.
Yes, even brand new electric vehicles can benefit from detailing. Detailing helps protect the vehicle’s surfaces, ensures optimal performance of electrical components, and maintains its aesthetic appeal, contributing to the longevity and overall well-being of the EV.
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