Auto Detailing Service in Middletown, KY

Experience exceptional auto detailing at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing in Middletown, KY. Our meticulous services guarantee a pristine finish, ensuring your vehicle stands out with unparalleled road brilliance.

What Is Auto Detailing?

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s auto detailing service is a complete process that aims to restore and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Our skilled specialists thoroughly clean and recondition the exterior and inside, removing dirt, stains, and flaws. To get a faultless gloss, the outside must be washed, waxed, and polished. Interior detailing thoroughly cleans and conditions surfaces to create a clean and inviting cabin. Our auto detailing goes above and beyond a conventional car wash, from removing swirl marks to protecting the paint with superior materials. Trust us in Middletown, KY, for a meticulous and skilled technique that improves the looks of your vehicle while maintaining its value over time.

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Auto Detailing Service at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing provides unrivaled auto detailing services. Our complete services include interior and exterior detailing, ensuring your vehicle is meticulously cared for. We go beyond standard cleaning, from precision washing and waxing to skilled paint correction. Internal detailing includes deep cleaning and conditioning to create a clean and inviting lodge. Our trained technicians employ modern procedures and quality supplies to correct defects and protect your vehicle’s paint. Our services are tailored to match the specific demands of your vehicle and aim to improve appearances, retain value, and leave your vehicle gleaming with brightness. Choose us in Middletown, KY, for committed and expert auto detailing that goes above and beyond for your valued possession.


Shelbyville Mobile Detailing offers 3 packages for Detailing that will fulfill all customers’ needs.

Basic Interior ($85/105)

  • Quick Vacuum
  • Plastic/vinyl/leather wipe down
  • Door jambs
  • Windows

Moderate Interior ($190/$215)

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Light stain removal
  • Plastic, leather, and vinyl dressing
  • Door jambs
  • Windows
Excessive dog hair, straw, sand, and stains may require Heavy Duty Interior

Heavy Duty Interior ($265/$295)

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Heavy stain removal
  • Plastic, leather and vinyl cleaning and dressing
  • Dedicated leather conditioner
  • Headliner touch up
  • Doorjambs and windows

Basic Exterior ($70/$80)

  • Hand wash and dry
  • 3-5 month spray sealant
  • Cleaning of wheel faces and tires
  • Doorjambs and windows

Heavy Duty Exterior ($160/$180)

  • Hand wash and dry
  • Wheel barrels and faces; and tires
  • Chemical decontamination and clay bar 5-8 month hand wax.
  • Door jambs and windows (Add trim restoration for $20)
  • (Add machine wax for $120)

Our Process

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s procedure is rigorous and thorough. We provide the finest degree of care and attention to your vehicle, from precision washing and paint correction to interior conditioning.
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Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing by Shelbyville Mobile Detailing is a thorough process. Our expert crew uses precision washing, paint correction, and waxing to enhance and protect your vehicle’s outside. Enjoy a faultless shine and protection against environmental elements, ensuring your vehicle stands out on the road with brightness.

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Interior Detailing

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s interior detailing is luxurious. Our skilled crew cleans and conditions every surface, from the upholstery to the dashboard, to ensure a clean and inviting cabin. Experience an immaculate interior that compliments the overall looks, making your journey enjoyable and comfortable.

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Finishing Touches

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s finishing touches are the epitome of quality. We add the finishing touches that enhance the appearance of your vehicle after meticulous exterior and interior detailing. Trust us for precision and love in every detail, resulting in a showroom-worthy vehicle.


Auto detailing enhances your car’s appearance, preserves its value, and protects the exterior and interior surfaces. It ensures a fresh and inviting cabin, providing an enjoyable driving experience.

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Shelbyville Mobile Detailing provides auto detailing to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Our careful exterior and interior detailing techniques restore the luster of your vehicle, resulting in a pristine finish that not only captures the eye but also displays your pride in ownership on every voyage.
Auto detailing will help you keep your vehicle’s resale value. Our complete services, which handle both the inside and outside of your vehicle, ensure it remains in perfect condition, making it more appealing to potential purchasers and increasing its value in the resale market.
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s auto detailing services can improve your driving experience. Our comprehensive interior cleaning and conditioning results in a fresh and pleasant cabin, making the voyage more enjoyable and comfortable. Your car becomes a haven with improved looks, making every drive a pleasure.


Kylie Duff
Kylie Duff
I had an interior cleaning today and the guys did a great job. They were super accommodating by coming to my home and were done in 2 hours! I will absolutely be a repeat customer.
Miranda Owens
Miranda Owens
I am so impressed with how well Keaton cleaned up my car! Being on the go with kids all the time, it was quite a mess but it looks brand new now. Thank you so much!
Mary J Jennings
Mary J Jennings
Keaton did an amazing job detailing my car! I highly recommend!!
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing did a fantastic job on my car. My car was spotless afterwards. Will definitely be using them again.
Lael Allen
Lael Allen
Keaton does a fantastic job! He’s definitely won over my return business. I’ve already referred quite a few folks to him.
Jamie Riddle
Jamie Riddle
Thank you for the amazing job you did on the car!!! Inside and out!
Francis Drake
Francis Drake
Keaton at Shelbyville Mobile Detailing did a stellar job of making my car look its best. I didn’t even realize how bright white my car could appear! The interior was spotless, even my floor mats and all the nooks in my hidden third row seats. I would definitely recommend SMD to anyone for their reasonable rates, thorough work and professionalism!
Keaton did an amazing job detailing my Jeep inside and out. Excellent communication via text both with scheduling and the day of the cleaning. It is super convenient to be able to have the work done at my home, but we also talked about the option to have the car brought to the shop if needed due to bad weather, so I knew we could get the job done as scheduled no matter what the conditions outside. Will definitely use them again!
James Bayes
James Bayes
Very good job on my truck
High quality with excellent attention to detail.

Why choose us?

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing provides unrivaled experience, thorough attention, and a drive for perfection. Our auto detailing services go above and beyond to ensure your vehicle shines.
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Shelbyville Mobile Detailing guarantees expert precision. Our professional crew uses innovative techniques to ensure that every part of your car, from the outside surfaces to the inner components, is meticulously attended to. Discover the peak of automobile care, where skill and perfection combine for a flawless finish.
Experience automotive care like never before with Shelbyville Mobile Detailing’s tailored services. We understand your vehicle’s unique needs and provide customized detailing, addressing specific concerns and ensuring every aspect is treated with precision. Enjoy a personalized touch that goes beyond standard care for an exceptional result.
Shelbyville Mobile Detailing prioritizes customer satisfaction. We attempt to go above and beyond by providing professional auto detailing services. From the first consultation to the last touches, our dedication to your pleasure ensures a good experience and a car that shines on every voyage.


To maintain the appearance and value of your car, it is recommended that you detail it every 4-6 months, depending on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and personal choice.
Through processes such as paint correction, auto detailing can improve the look of tiny blemishes. Deep scratches, on the other hand, may necessitate professional touch-ups or restorations.
Yes, interior detailing is beneficial for new vehicles. It preserves materials, prevents wear and tear, and contributes to a fresh and attractive cabin, improving your driving experience.
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