Enhance Your Car With Shelbyville Mobile Detailing, servicing Shelbyville, Kentucky

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing LLC provides top-notch care and attention for your vehicle, with our expert staff providing convenience right to your door. Our mobile services in Shelbyville, KY, provide a showroom-worthy transformation, from comprehensive inside cleaning to a flawless exterior finish, leaving your car looking excellent.

Our Mobile Auto Detailing Service in Shelbyville, KY

Shelbyville’s Auto Detailing provides a full range of services, from deeply cleaning and restoring the interior to precisely detailing the outside, leaving your vehicle looking clean and glossy.

Shelbyville’s Auto Detailing, with a reputation for excellence and years of experience, gives unrivaled attention to detail, using premium products and procedures to ensure your automobile looks showroom-ready and retains its beauty for the long haul.

Our mobile detailing service is a specialized car maintenance and improvement service that provides on-the-go cleaning and restoration services for automobiles. Mobile detailers will come to your house, place of business, or anywhere else that is most convenient for you instead of making you go to them.

Our Detailing Packages

Two-row/Three-row Seating Vehicles

Basic Interior ($85/105)

  • Quick Vacuum
  • Plastic/vinyl/leather wipe down
  • Door jambs
  • Windows

Moderate Interior ($190/$215)

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Light stain removal
  • Plastic, leather, and vinyl cleaning
  • Plastic, leather, and vinyl dressing
  • Door jambs
  • Windows
Excessive dog hair, straw, sand, and stains may require Heavy Duty Interior

Heavy Duty interior ($265/$295)

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Heavy stain removal
  • Plastic, leather and vinyl cleaning and dressing
  • Dedicated leather conditioner
  • Headliner touch up
  • Doorjambs and windows

Basic exterior ($70/$80)

  • Hand wash and dry
  • 3-5 month spray sealant
  • Cleaning of wheel faces and tires
  • Doorjambs and windows

Heavy duty exterior ($160/$180)

  • Hand wash and dry
  • Wheel barrels and faces; and tires
  • Chemical decontamination and clay bar 5-8 month hand wax.
  • Door jambs and windows (Add trim restoration for $20)
  • (Add machine wax for $120)
  • Light stain removal
  • Plastic, leather, and vinyl cleaning
  • Plastic, leather, and vinyl dressing
  • Door jambs
  • Windows
Excessive dog hair, straw, sand, and stains may require Heavy Duty Interior

Unique situations

  • Overspray removal
    Starts at $250
  • Water spot removal
    Whole car starts at $350 (includes exterior detail)
    Glass only starts at $100 (does NOT include exterior detail)
  • Biohazard (throw up, blood, drug paraphernalia)
  • Adds $50 ($100 if undisclosed)
  • Mold removal
    Interior starts at $530\$590
    Can drastically change depending on vehicle and condition


  • Full vacuum
  • Seat and carpet extraction

  • Plastic/vinyl/leather cleaning

  • Plastic/vinyl/leather shine
  • Door Jambs
  • Windows
  • Leather seats/vinyl floor vans are priced the same as carpet floor/upholstery seats.


  • Wash ($9/ft)
  • Wash and spray Sealant ($11/ft)
  • Wash and hand wax ($13/ft)
  • Paint Correction starts at ($40/ft)
  • Ceramic coatings start at additional ($36/ft)

Add-on services

Maintenance plan:

Our maintenance plan is a great way to keep your car looking great all the time. It includes: thorough vacuum, plastic wipe down, exterior hand wash and dry, a 3-6 month spray sealant, doorjambs, and windows. A full interior and exterior detail is required to start the program.

  • Coupes/sedans start at $95/month
  • Small SUV/small trucks start at $115/month
  • Large SUV/large trucks start at $125/month.
headligh restoration car detailing shelbyville mobile detailing shelbyville ky
Headlight Restoration

  • Wet sanding
  • Machine cut and polish
  • Ceramic coating on headlights
*This will not fix cracks on the interior of the headlights.
car plastic restoration shelbyville mobile detailing shelbyville ky
Plastic Restoration

We can restore the plastics on your vehicle back to the rich black color that it came from the factory with.
ozone treament for your car shelby mobile detailing shelbyville ky
Ozone Treatment

We offer an Ozone treatment to help combat smells inside the car. This treatment consists of a 30-minute session with the car running. After the initial 30 minutes, the ozone machine is removed, and the car is aired out for another 30 minutes while the vehicle is running. After the second 30-minute segment, the car can be turned off and aired out with the doors open for another hour.



Auto detailing is the comprehensive and carefully cleaning and restoration of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. It entails comprehensive cleaning, polishing, waxing, and conditioning to bring out the best in the appearance of your vehicle.
The regularity with which you detail your car is determined by various things, including your driving habits, weather conditions, and general maintenance. It is advised that you get your automobile professionally detailed every three to six months to keep it in excellent condition and protect it from the elements.

Yes, professional auto detailing can efficiently remove stains and odors from your vehicle’s inside. Detailers utilize specific materials and techniques to remove stains and odors from your car’s inside, leaving it fresh and clean.

Yes, many auto detailing packages include services such as waxing or putting a ceramic coating to protect the paint. These safeguards protect the car’s paint against environmental toxins, UV rays, and minor scratches, retaining the gloss and finish for a longer period of time.
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