How Long Does It Take for Tint to Cure?

In hot weather, window tint helps to keep the inside cool and protects the upholstery from degrading. Tinting your car windows might effectively shield your skin from the sun’s potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation. How long does it take for window tint to become fully cured? Moreover, what are the stages involved in the process of window tinting? 

These questions have been posed to us by a significant number of individuals. Pay close attention to the details of this article to discover the answer from Shelbyville Mobile Detailing

What are the Steps Involved in the Process of Installing Window Tinting?

Window Tinting Preparation

Our tinting pros will use a mix of soap and water, a sponge, and a squeegee to remove dirt and contaminants from both sides of your vehicle’s windows.

The Process of Measuring and Cutting

Our professional in detailing will take measurements of the windows on your car and then cut pieces of the film from a master roll to suit the windows specifically. Following this step, the film is subjected to the appropriate amount of trimming before being applied to the external surface of the automobile window. Be sure that the bottom edge of the sheet is straight and parallel to the window before proceeding. The film is then cut to fit the left and right edges of the window when that step has been reached. Afterwards, the film is reduced in size by using a heat gun. Our technicians use a flat plastic scraper to smooth out any imperfections in the film. They begin at the top and work their way down.


After completing the necessary shaping and molding, it is now time to attach the film to the inside surface of the window. To begin, we spray the glass with water that has been reduced with soap. This solution causes the adhesive on the film to become active, enabling the sheet to glide down the glass until it is positioned in the ideal manner. 

To eliminate bubbles, smooth the edges, and guarantee that the film is correctly inserted in the window’s rubber lining, we use a wide range of plastic scrapers designed explicitly for this purpose. After the film has been positioned on the glass, we use the heat gun to assist in curing the soapy water and shaping it to the curve of the glass.

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How Long Does It Take for the Tinting to Become Fully Cured?

As one of the most common car modifications, window tinting has become a massively successful industry. Consequently, there is a broad range of brands and quality and a variation in the amount of darkness. Like other products, a window tint’s curing period varies depending on the material and the quality of the tint. Alternately, the drying period of the tint is also influenced by the temperature of your surroundings. It is recommended by many that you utilize a climate-controlled garage or darken your windows during the hot times.

Additionally, if the tint is applied during the winter, the curing process may take up to several weeks. Following these guidelines will allow the majority of window tints to cure in a period of two to three days. On the other hand, those who tint their window prefer to exercise caution and wait between three and five days for the tint to cure fully.

Aftercare for Window Tinting Installations

We need to perform maintenance to ensure that the window tint continues to appear fantastic even after it has been put in. The following suggestions for aftercare will prove to be helpful!

After applying the tint film, you should wait at least forty-eight hours before rolling down the windows. 

Shelbyville Mobile Detailing for Expert Window Tinting

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